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International Neutron Scattering Instrumentation School (INSIS)

INSIS is a new international school aimed at providing a comprehensive training in the fundamental concepts of instrumentation for neutron scattering experiments.

2012 School: 15-27 of July 2012, Rome

Frascati National Laboratory, Italy

The INSIS school is aimed at PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and early career scientists who wish to be involved in the design and development of novel instrumentation and components at present and future neutron sources. The course will provide basic and advanced lectures, simulation activities and tutorials about neutron scattering instrumentation. The school is intended as a ‘pipeline’ initiative, to promote increased activities in instrument design and develop the next generation of instrument designers with a target audience of about 25 students. The school is composed of two distinct parts:

the first week (15th – 20thJuly) will introduce basic instrumentation and components used in neutron scattering research; and the second week (22nd – 27th July) will provide a more in depth insight into neutron detector technologies. Students may participate in the first week, the second week, or both.

Applications for the 2012 School arel open since the 1st of February 2012.

The deadline for applications will be the 31st of May 2012.

Applicants will be informed of their acceptance or otherwise by the 15th of June 2012

Outline of the first week

– Introduction to neutron instrumentation

– Comparison with other techniques

– Neutron sources

– Optical components

– Instrumental Resolution and background

– Polarized neutrons

– Larmor labeling and beam modulation

– Coherence and Focusing

– Neutron detectors

– Monte Carlo simulation methods

– Data acquisition and treatment

– Interfacing with sample environments

– Materials and constructability

– Cost evaluation

Information at web site http://neutrons.ornl.gov/conf/insis2012

Members of the organizing group: Ian Anderson, Carla Andreani, Masa Arai, Andrew Harrison, Robert McGreevy and Roger Pynn (School Chair)

Carla Andreani, Local organization (segreteria@centronast.it)