Giovedì, 15 Marzo 2012 - 09:37

In the frame of the CAPMIX European FP7 Project (www.capmix.eu)
we organize the following Workshop about Renewable Energy Recovery from salinity gradients:

"International Workshop on Salinity Gradient Energy ­ Milan 2012",
(www.energy-workshop.unimib.it )
from the 4th to the 6th September 2012, in Milan, Italy.

The goals of the Workshop are to provide a forum to share and discuss the latest advances
for all active researchers in the field of salinity difference renewable energy.
In this workshop, we intend to focus on the physical principles of the techniques,
the development of materials, the project of prototypes and pilot plants, in particular for the following techniques:
Pressure-retarded osmosis
Reverse electrodialysis
Capacitive mixing or Salinity exchange
The meeting will cover also more general topics, in particular electrokinetics, electrochemistry,
ion-exchange membranes, membrane biofouling, renewable energy generation from natural water,
renewable energy from industrial wastes and energy storage.